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Tomato Sandwich

I’m so happy that tomatoes are good for you.  In fact, if it were possible for tomatoes to turn you into a size 2, vanish crows feet, rid your body of cellulite, and make you 10 years younger, I would pretty much forever be a 20-year-old in a thong.  

Unfortunately, while they are tremendously healthy, they can’t perform any of the above mentioned miracles.   But still, they are good for you and when summer comes, I live off them. 

Our tomatoes in the garden are nowhere near ready for picking yet, but while at the store the other day I found some beautiful red ones that I just could not pass up.

One of my most favorite sandwiches to live off of in the summer is the simplest of any sandwich.  Tomatoes, salt, pepper, mayo on soft pumpernickel bread.  I’ll eat it on other bread as well, but pumpernickel is my first choice.

BLT’s are great, but honestly, the sweetness of nothing but tomatoes and mayo with lots of pepper and some salt is just as good, if not better.

Once our tomatoes come in I’ll continue to live on this sandwich, along with Pico de Gallo and fresh tomato salad each night with dinner. 

Now if only I could plant a tomato with the miracle wonders I listed earlier…I would be a very happy chick!

As a side note, when I was young and just learning to read, my parents always said, “Sound out the word” if I got stuck on a tough one. 

I remember reading a book about a farm with my father and coming across the word “tomatoes.”  I couldn’t get the word right, so my father reminded me to sound it out.

I did and came up with “Tom A Toes.”  My father burst out laughing and to this day my entire family reminds me of this.  Even at 42 I can’t cut into a tomato without thinking they are actually Tom’s toes.


5 responses to “Tomato Sandwich

  1. Lana @ Never Enough Thyme July 7, 2010 at 3:24 PM

    This is my favorite summer sandwich, too. I always have the first tomato of the season on soft white bread with lots of mayo, s&p. I love it when the tomatoes are so juicy and ripe that it runs right down your arm. Yum.

    BTW – there’s a variety of cherry tomato called “tommy toes” so you weren’t that far off!

  2. Zane Wright July 7, 2010 at 5:13 PM

    Add fresh garden hot peppers, a little red onion and medium cheddar and you have my favorite summer survival meal.

  3. sheila @ elements August 4, 2010 at 3:40 PM

    Tomato sandwiches are divine!!! They’ve been my favorite sandwich since I was a little girl! My #2 favorite sandwich…grilled peanut butter and marshmallow. My #3 favorite sandwich…pineapple and mayo. Yum!!! You have a nice website and beautiful pictures!! 🙂

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