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It was the Bombay that did it

Yesterday we spent the day out on our deck enjoying the beautiful day with some good food.

I had planned on sharing two of those recipes with you along with some photos.  Primarily, some grilled shark steaks my husband marinated and made.  He and some friends went fishing and caught the shark he was preparing yesterday.

Unfortunately, this happened to me, and I never did make it to the photo part of the dinner.

I feel bad not having a recipe to add, so I’ll give you a makeshift one to ease my guilty pleasures of yesterday.

Two of my favorite drinks are margaritas and gin and tonic.  Lots of lime, lots of ice, pure deliciousness.

Bombay and Tonic:

Serves:  Me and me only

  • Lots of ice
  • Lots of lime
  • Lots of Tonic Water
  • Lots of Gin
  • Lots of goodness

I slept well last night, but my liver and kidneys did not.

Enjoy! 🙂


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