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My Flop At Whipped Frosting

I’m always on the hunt for that perfect frosting recipe.  I’m not a buttercream person.   The thick and overly sweet texture of it just turns me off.  I’m not going to disagree that a stiff buttercream is a great base for cake decorating.  But eating that thick stuff, for me anyway, is just not a good thing.

Years ago I took a cake decorating class.  The frosting we used was made with shortening and it was pretty much the nastiest thing I had ever tasted.  But it was fantastic for learning how to frost and decorate a cake perfectly.  You could pretty much do anything with that frosting.  It grabbed onto color perfectly, it went on smooth as glass, and whatever tip you used to decorate that cake with just held up beautifully.  But eating it is a big no!  It tastes like exactly what it was…shortening with sugar.

Before each class we had to bring our baked cake to class and then we would frost and decorate it with our instructor showing us new and different techniques.  After class each week I would drop off my decorated cake to my boyfriend’s house.  There was nobody in our house who would eat it.  I’m not even sure anyone in his house ate it either.  The oddest part of all though was that just a few short weeks before I stated taking this class he proposed to me.  Amazing he didn’t demand the ring back after being forced to eat those gross cakes each week.  I don’t think I would have blamed him if he did.

Since that time I have been in search for the perfect frosting.   I’ve come across a few buttercream frosting recipes that were better than others, but still nothing that has made me want to really come back for more.

I love whipped cream, but it tends to break down after a few hours and doesn’t hold up that great when wanting to be adventurous with decorating.  Whipped frosting, like the ones you get on bakery cakes are fantastic, but I have yet to find a good recipe for one. 

With that I tried my hand at my own whipped frosting.  That is what I decorated these cupcakes with.  Let’s just say this was easily a flop.

I searched online and found a few recipes, and tried my hand at altering them.  The end result was horrible.  A whipped frosting that was not able to be piped well, and while not overly sweet, it was just an odd taste all the way around.

So I have no recipe to share with you today.  Not even the cupcakes themselves.  They were Betty Crocker’s Moist Deluxe Double Chocolate and those were good and the best part of this whole baking fiasco.

Since I make it a personal vow to myself to share not only my triumphs in the kitchen but my flops as well, this is my flop for the week. 

If you have a good frosting recipe that is not thick and overly sweet I would love it if you would share it.  Have pity on my sickening attempt at a good frosting.


7 responses to “My Flop At Whipped Frosting

  1. nktrygg April 25, 2010 at 1:36 PM

    The secret to really good icing is to whip the butter until it’s white before adding the sugar to give it the airiness.

    It’s also better to add the vanilla at the butter stage if you want white icing, unless you’re using clear vanilla.


    • boredcook April 25, 2010 at 1:50 PM

      Thanks so much, Nina! When you add the sugar are you using powdered or regular white sugar? I saw recipes that used both, and I tried one with white sugar and no matter what those recipes said, mine came out grainy vs. smooth.

      • nktrygg April 25, 2010 at 9:12 PM

        For icing and frosting – powered sugar

        it melds better with the highly whipped butter

        I agree with you on the shortening – icky taste is not worth the appearance and spreadability

  2. charskitchen April 25, 2010 at 1:42 PM

    I know a great frosting that is only criticised for being too light, so I think it would suit you. It is not sweet at all and is really delicious. If you click this link
    it will take you to my post about it, where you can get the recipe.

    • boredcook April 28, 2010 at 8:50 AM

      Well the cupcakes underneath the horrible frosting was good. Even if they did look somewhat pretty. Thankfully I only frosted 12 of the cupcakes and not the whole 24…because after everyone tasted the first few and decided they were gross, we still had 12 cupcakes left that were untouched.

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