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Off To Work He Goes…

Exactly two months to the day my husband has returned to work at his old job. 

Which means several things;

  1. We can afford to turn the lights back on in our house, and stop washing our children in the frigid pond near where we live versus using hot water.
  2. I can go back to my normal daily routine in the house without having my husband underfoot, disrupting my daily doings around here.
  3. We can stop wondering when the phone will ring and they will call these guys back to their jobs.
  4. I can go back to my normal part-time hours at work again.  Although I will miss my increased paychecks from work.  But with him not being here during the day to watch the kids, it will be hard for me to keep up the hours I was keeping when he was home.
  5. I will be able to actually cook for my family again with some time to myself to try something new out in the kitchen.  The kitchen which, by the way, I am reclaiming from my husband.  Most of the meals have been up to him for these past weeks with me working.  He has actually tried some new recipes, which I asked him to document and photograph for me…but he didn’t. 

Because of all of this I’ve had nothing new to share with you for a while.  But that is about to change!


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