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Ready For Spring!

I am so very ready for Spring to arrive.  We got plummeted with two snowstorms last week.  The first one hit last Tuesday and dropped about a foot of snow on the ground.  Then the second, major one, hit last Thursday, and dropped several more feet.  That one had the huge impact.  There are still many people without electricity and it may be several more days until they are all turned back on.  Luckily we only lost ours for a few short spurts here and there, but nothing to really make a difference.

There is so much snow we have no idea where to put it anymore.  To give you a general idea, we had to actually dig out our mailbox to find it, and even now it’s still covered higher than both sides of  it and on the top of it. 

We have a privacy hedge in the front of our house that is no longer standing and I’m wondering if it will even come back after all the snow finally melts.  I have my doubts.  My biggest upset was my little weeping cherry tree I have in the front of our house in a flower bed.  That baby is flat to the ground and split down the middle.  I loved that tree and the blossoms it flourished with each Spring.   But it could be worse, so I’m going to stop complaining while I’m ahead of the game. 

My children, FINALLY, returned to school today after being home since last Tuesday, and I can tell you that while I love them dearly…it was wonderful to see that school bus pull up in front of the house this morning. 

I also spent the last few days of last week in bed with the stomach flu that ran ramped through our house the week prior.  I thought I had been fortunate enough to escape it, but I wasn’t that lucky.  So no new recipes, because quite frankly, who feels like cooking or being creative in the kitchen when your stomach is twisting and turning at the thought of anything other than a saltine cracker. 

But today I’m back in the kitchen.  Now that my stomach is feeling normal again, and after not eating for several days, I’m craving all sorts of deliciousness.  I had a huge craving yesterday for a fresh, cut off the bone, turkey breast sandwich.  I ran to the store yesterday and picked up a turkey breast which I plan on roasting today.  As if that was not enough, I also had thoughts of some cheesy kind of potatoes, so I’m going to try to come up with something along those lines.  And then I thought, what about some cranberries and stuffing?   Okay, I nixed the stuffing idea, but I’m still thinking about adding to the cranberries.  So it might just end up being a Thanksgiving dinner, only days away from the first day of Spring.


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