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Potatoes have taken over my life!

We are a family that loves potatoes.   That is a very good thing.  Especially now. 

A little bit ago, someone gave my husband a 50 pound bag of potatoes.  This didn’t bother us since, like I mentioned, we are a potato lovin’ family!  And they are huge, beautiful, and delicious potatoes.  I thought we had worked our way through the entire bag of potatoes.  My husband had brought some to work and gave them to some of the guys he works with too, because even being a potato lovin’ family, we knew it would be hard to use up 50 lbs. of potatoes before they started going bad. 

Last week they had a sale on potatoes at the store.  BOGO (Buy one get one free).  So I picked up two bags of Russett potatoes and made some twice baked potatoes with them.  Still had some left over.  Then I also picked up a bag of white potatoes that I needed.  Each of these were 5 pound bags.  Remember that. 

When I was cooking the other night my husband came in and asked,

“Why did you buy potatoes?”

“Ummm,  because they were BOGO and because we like potatoes?”

“Yeah,” he said, “but we still have a little less than half a bag of the other potatoes left.”

I was confused.  I thought we had finished these?  You see, we kept the huge bag out in the garage where it was cold, and also because where would I put a 50 pound bag of potatoes in my kitchen!

“No we don’t,” I insisted.  “We used them all right after Christmas.” 

“Nope, they are still out there,” he informed me.

I went out to look and found nothing.  The bag was not where it originally was, and I had looked the other day and found no sight of them.  See, you need to know that our garage – which has not held my car in there since shortly after we were married, which is almost 17 years ago – looks like someone set off a nuclear explosion and then left everything in the spot where it landed.  This is not MY fault, despite how my husband will complain it’s everyone else who dumps stuff in there.  I’ve showed him many times that the “dump” he blames on everyone else is more than 80% of his own “junk”.  But this is about potatoes and not our mess of a garage.

He walked out to the garage, moved a few bigger pieces of debris and showed me where the, less than half full bag, was hidden. 

“Great,” I said, “now we are right back where we started from.  We have almost 40 pounds of potatoes to use.” 

So packed with that knowledge I went through a few of my cookbooks to see if I could find some interesting and creative new recipes to try with these.  We are pretty much done with mashed potatoes for a while.  I do plan to make some roasted potatoes I haven’t made in a while.  But I was looking for a few new and different recipes to try.

So I warn you.  Plan to see a few heavy recipes on the potato side this week.  I hate throwing away food and I can’t let these potatoes go bad.  Because of that I am declaring this week, “National Cook-With-Potatoes” week.  Who knows, maybe there really is such a thing! 

Is there?


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