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Cooking and Writing

I’m new to blogging. VERY new.  I’ve read only a handful of them myself, and almost all of them have been about cooking or reading.  Those are really my two favorite subjects.   I love to eat and I love to read. 

But even into my new and little view into the blogging world I’ve noticed some really strong sentiments and comments left by other bloggers or readers.  And sometimes they are just downright cruel!  I’ll address the snarky comments I’ve read left for people with cooking blogs.

I’ve seen people taken to task in their comment sections because their recipe has too much fat, or salt, or butter and sugar.  I’ve seen people crucified for using simple ingredients, or ingredients that are just not “gourmet” enough.  I’ve even seen people ridiculed for recipes that are just old-time food or too simple for their personal taste.   Let me set the record straight right here and now.  I don’t cook gourmet food, and I don’t see myself ever doing so.  I have never taken a cooking class.  Well, I did take a basic cake decorating class years ago, but I’m not counting that.  But other than Home Economics in high school, that’s about it for me on the cooking instruction.  So if you think you will find something exotic here, you are visiting the wrong site my friend.  In fact, about the most gourmet ingredient you will find here is the little box of Morton’s Kosher Salt I now use that says, “For gourmet cooking” on the label.  I use it not because I’ve learned to in some chic cooking school in France.  I use it because everyone on Food Network says to.  So I do.  Plus it says “gourmet” on the label, and that makes me feel good about myself when I sprinkle some out. 

I even saw someone tell Paula Dean that she uses too much butter.  I really do find that funny.  Not because of all the butter she does use, but that someone took her to task about it.  I’m pretty sure Paula isn’t sending some subliminal death threat messages to her viewers when she cooks.  They do all have a choice NOT to make that recipe, or NOT to use all that butter.  Or all that sugar.  I hate when I see someone who cooks feel the need to apologize because they used lard to fry something, or two sticks of butter to bake something.  No apology is necessary folks.  If you would never use those ingredients to cook with, don’t make that recipe, or adjust it to suit your tastes.  Stop the hating folks.  Really, you do have a choice here.

My second view of cruelty I have seen are people taken to task for their writing skills.  And again, I feel the need to let it be known here, if you are looking to read something sounding like it was written by a skilled literary agent, you are visiting the wrong site.  My writing sucks. It’s that simple.  While I do pride myself on being “somewhat” decent with my spelling (and I thank all the spellcheck resources that), my grammar and punctuation are horrendous and horrible.  Let’s not even talk about double negatives and dangling participles.  I won’t discuss them because I’m sure they exist in almost every sentence I write.  I use WAY too many commas, (and you would think that as many as I use I would get some in the right spot, but I very rarely do), I forget the proper use of “their” and “there”, “then” and “than”, and “your” and “you’re” etc., etc.  I do know what the differences are and when they should be used, for the most part, but I tend to type faster than my brain works and I forget to go back to correct them.  So you will find them all over this blog.  Yes you would think someone like myself who’s strongest subject in school was English, and the fact that I love to read and have my face stuck in a book all the time, that somewhere along the line some basic grammar and punctuation rules would have stood out and sunk in.  Unfortunately, that is not the case.  So if you are one of those “pet-peeve- anal-in-writing-perfection-people” or one of those “grammar gurus” you probably should read no further.  Then again, if you are one of those people, chances are you were blinded by my horrendous writing in my second sentence of this post and are now stabbing out your eyes with a hot poker.  Sorry.   Consider yourself warned.

As a side note, just to further explain how awful I am at writing, not seconds after I typed that I was somewhat decent at spelling did I use my spellcheck and find that I not only spelled “grammer” wrong (I typed grammAR), but I also mis-spelled “punctuation.”  So much for thinking I was at least somewhere on the board where writing is concerned.  And why is “mis-spelled” with a hypen looking all wrong to me?  Screw it.  I’m leaving it as is.  If it is wrong, blame spellcheck and sue me.


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